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Greatest sales person

I remember one of my VIP clients told me once a story from her overseas vacations with her husband. This couple is known for being spontaneous and leaving things till last minute. While discovering the city- she saw on the shop window THAT perfect ring, the one she was looking for a long time. Unfortunately, the ring wasn’t in her size. The staff at the boutique promised in one hour to resize it for her – free of charge. By all accounts it was bit expensive for their budget but since they didn’t manage earlier to book the table at that amazing restaurant with the panoramic city view – her husband decided to spoil his wife and buy the ring. The manager of the boutique heard them discussing the dinner plans (or rather no plans) and offered to take care of the restaurant booking. When they arrived after one hour- the ring was ready, and they had table booked for 7pm at the restaurant which previously they couldn’t find a table. They were both over the moon.

The boutique manager calling the restaurant was that extra bit which made the whole shopping experience super memorable for this client. She told me later that until today she follows that jewelry brand on social media and honestly can’t recommend them enough to her friends.

Now I’m not saying that in order to sell your product you need to start doing concierge service. I’m trying to tell you – FIND THAT WOW FACTOR THAT WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR BRAND. Some people are very lucky and are a natural born customer service expert.  Others in order to become the greatest salesperson – need to learn and improve their skills. But once you get there… you got an amazing gift for life. Because everything in life is a sale but it’s your personal STYLE that makes a difference.

Let’s try something else from our Retail Intervention Excellence Program. You know already that learning good selling skills takes time.  End of the day competent sale transaction must be a win win situation for both parties involved. Remember that you need to have control over your sale processes.  We have many great tips how to improve your selling technics but it’s important that you stay open minded, test new ideas and see what works for you.  End of the day- it’s all about improving you! At Retail Intervention we focus on quality of the learning process and help you to enjoy it. We teach you how to listen to your clients and communicate properly. We teach how not to cross the line with clients from different cultures and how to find that perfect spot to succeed in. We invite you to expand your skills, improve your personal and your Team’s performance.

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