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Strategy, planning & expansion

Retail business must have a very clear strategy – we all know it but unfortunately many retailers busy with their everyday work ignore this aspect. As consultants we can help you to create 2-3 years retail strategy with achievable objectives by:

  • A full retail overview of the market you are in and your competition.
  • Creating expansion planning (your home country and abroad).
  • Develop operational solutions to any challenges within the organization.
  • Preparing the store concept (assessment of the design) and build buying strategies to support business requirements.
  • Analysis of merchandise considering the needs of potential new markets. Developing the tools for buying and merchandising team to create more profitable brand relationships.
  • Review and build overall company PR and Marketing strategies.
  • Organization of fashion shows (Poland and abroad).
  • Planning in store events and Brand Days.
  • Build bespoke PR and Marketing annual plans to maximize coverage and opportunity with external and internal resources.
  • Creating final custom-made plan with new business objectives – milestones – and communicating it clearly to everyone involved.

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Strategy, planning
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